Mary Kate Denny

About Mary Kate Denny

  My joy is photographing people: toddlers and children learning and active, productive teens evolving into young adults and seniors in motion throughout the global world. Focusing on skills, educational processes and community involvement gives me an understanding of global cultures. Bringing the world together through education is exciting to me!
   Through stock agencies, non-profits, advertising and textbook companies, my photography has been seen for over 20 years on billboards, in brochures and books. More images may be seen on Getty Images, PhotoEditInc., Alamy and Stock Connection.
As an actress in television, theater and film, I also learned to communicate behind the camera capturing images of all ages for assignments in magazines, public relations and corporate advertising. From preschool to the secondary level, I understand the classroom situation.
   A graduate of U.C.L.A. with an M.A. in theater arts and a teaching credential, I have based in Los Angeles, CA., rearing three children and traveling to five continents filling my portfolios.  Growing up in Oklahoma as a fourth generation native, I performed with the Oklahoma University drama school at U.S. bases throughout the South Pacific, Japan and Korea. I purchased my first camera at the D M Zone in Korea where I began to focus my eyes on the world beyond. I now add a sixth continent-South Africa-where I will be living for the next two years.
     My aim is to make an image that changes people's thinking!